Information & advice about Kamagra UK

March 18, 2018

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a brand name of a medication that is used to treat impotence.

Kamagra is wanted as a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. When comparing Kamagra with an equivalent drug such as Viagra, the price of Kamagra is significantly lower than that of Viagra, while the effect and composition of both erection pills are identical to each other. Viagra is a medicine that is made by the company Pfizer and this company had until 2013 the patent (exclusive right) on the active substance in the erection pill, this substance is Sildenafil. The drug sildenafil is used as a treatment for erection problems. The drug was developed to prevent high blood pressure and accidentally the topological effect caused the active substance sildenafil to cause a long-lasting and fully erect penis, a patent was immediately applied for the drug and after proper research, it became available as an erection agent in the market. kamagra uk, Kamagra

How does erectile dysfunction develop?

Obtaining an erection is caused by sexual stimuli of the body in combination with visual stimuli and mental stimuli (fantasy). But an erection can also occur when the body is asleep to protect against unwanted urine loss. The male sex part contains blood vessels that can fill with blood, the so-called swelling bodies. When these blood vessels are filled with blood, a hard penis is created. The more blood is absorbed in the erection organs, the more full an erection will be. There are several causes that ensure that the penis's erectile organs are not sufficiently filled with blood or do not remain filled with blood for long enough to participate in penetration, in these cases we speak of an erectile dysfunction or erection dysfunction. kamagra uk, Kamagra

Reasons for erectile dysfunction

It happens to every man sometimes, you are ready to start the love but unfortunately this day your penis does not feel like working with you or during the act, your penis will suddenly become weak. But when such a thing is going to affect your functioning in the bedroom or self-esteem, then it is a completely different matter. Especially when it is a recurring phenomenon. Even if you do get an erect penis, but it suddenly does not stay full enough to be able to penetrate, then we talk about an erection problem.

Problems with getting an erection can be caused by physical defects such as nerve damage, damage to blood vessels, but also psychological issues such as stress or fear of failure may be the basis of your erection problems. kamagra uk, Kamagra

Are there any disadvantages to Kamagra?

First, let's say that Kamagra has an effect on 98% of the users and because of these many men with erectile dysfunction benefit from the drug. However, there are also cases where the side effects were experienced so negatively that it was absolutely no pleasant experience for the user. If you have an erectile dysfunction then it is definitely an option to try the drug Kamagra. We also do not want to make you happy again with a dead sparrow and therefore also mention the negative issues to Kamagra once in a row.

Disadvantage of kamagra 1: Kamagra many possible side effects

When you use Kamagra you will notice a fuller, larger erection, but unfortunately, in addition to this pleasant result, there is also a lot of side effects that can be experienced less positively. An example of a negative experience is that an erection can last an undesirably long time because the bleeding blood vessels in your penis are trapped by the filled blood vessels and your penis does not become weak as long as you are in a state of excitement. kamagra uk, Kamagra

Furthermore, there are quite a few things that you should look at when you use Kamagra. If you have had a Tia or stroke, then Kamagra use is excluded for a year. For other physical issues that you suffer from diabetes or heart conditions, you should always consult a doctor before you use Kamagra.When your condition is very bad Kamagra use can be a big load on your body and there is the danger, hardly anyone finds yourself in a bad condition and will take this warning seriously, so you should always be careful with taking Kamagra and study the package leaflet seriously and attentively.

Other adverse side effects may include, headache, diarrhea, stuffy nose or extreme flushing. kamagra uk, Kamagra

The disadvantage of Kamagra 2: By prescription, it is an expensive medicine, without prescription operation is not guaranteed.

If you want to acquire Kamagra via a prescription you can obtain this by consulting a consultation with your doctor or an online consultation. This in addition to the fact at the waist is also just free to order on the internet. You would do this without a prescription will be about £0.70 per tablet. Quality of the medicine is of course guaranteed at all and cheaply, therefore, NGOs can be expensive or even worse for your health. google therefore always the reliability of a website on experiences and reviews ordered on

The disadvantage of Kamagra 3: There is a lot of counterfeit Kamagra in circulation.

Of course, there is a big difference in whether you order Kamagra through the legitimate route (a pharmacy, doctor or online consultation) or whether you do this in the free market. You understand that in the free market there is no monitoring of quality and reliability of delivery and given that Kamagra is the most popular erection agent in UK, it is very lucrative to market counterfeit pills. Chinese companies in particular offer Kamagra that does not contain any sildenafil. There are also in UK suppliers who buy in China but pretend to be official importers and meanwhile you sell Chinese counterfeit Kamagra. There are cases known that after testing of online purchased Kamagra, the pills contain toxic chlorides or even printer ink. kamagra uk, Kamagra

Short and good, therefore, it is wise to delve deeply into experiences of others when you decide to purchase Kamagra, we advise you to do this...

The disadvantage of Kamagra 4: caution should be taken in combination with other medications.

Generally, it is known that using different types of medicines together can pose a risk to your health and you should never just do this without thought. Before proceeding to order Kamagra, you should be aware of all the medicines you are using and, if this is the case, first ask your pharmacist whether combining the medicines you are taking with sildenafil-containing Kamagra will cause you any problems. The chance is present that your doctor or pharmacy also advise against the use of Kamagra. Do not use Kamagra simultaneously with (soft) drugs or a large amount of alcohol.

The disadvantage of Kamagra 5: It does not structurally solve your problem.

Kamagra is a remedy that instantly resolves the symptoms of your problem. However, it does not solve your problem structurally and therefore in the long term. In cases where your erection problem has a physical cause, this will mean that you may be using lifelong Kamagra and are very happy with this. However, if you have impotence symptoms, a psychological cause, then Kamagra use can be supportive in regaining your self-confidence but it is also possible that you are not working on the cause of your problems and because of this a dependency on Kamagra arises where this is not necessary. kamagra uk, Kamagra

Why order Kamagra?

  • Kamagra is identical to Viagra
  • Kamagra is affordableAjanta is a reliable pharmaceutical company
  • Kamagra works in 98% of cases
  • Kamagra works within 30 minutes for 4 to 6 hours.

What is the recommended dose of Kamagra?

Kamagra can be obtained in strips of 4 tablets, each tablet contains 100 mg of the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate. When you start with Kamagra it is advisable to start with half a tablet, if this does not provide enough effect you can also take the other half after 1.5 hours. The maximum dose of Kamagra is 100mg per day.

Are there additional tips for use?

  • Do not eat a greasy meal before using Kamagra, preferably do not eat one hour before use
  • Drink 0.5 - 1 liter of water while using Kamagra.
  • Avoid using alcohol before and during use of Kamagra. kamagra uk, Kamagra.