What are side effects of Kamagra UK?

March 21, 2018

Kamagra UK, Kamagra side effects

Kamagra is a medicine that falls under the medicines group PDE-5 Inhibitors. As with almost every medication, there are side effects in Kamagra in some cases. There is much to read on the internet about the side effects of Kamagra but there is virtually nothing to be found about the extent to which side effects occur. Sufficient scientific research has been done into the drug Kamagra to be able to say something about this. So I am going to start in this piece with the statistics that come from a scientific research

Stats from scientific studies on the side effects of Kamagra

In a maximum of 2% of the cases, it has been established that there were actually side effects in this study with regard to side effects of Kamagra:

  • Suffer pain around the temples: a headache 2% (1%).
  • Suffer a red face: blush 4% (1%).
  • The burden of a faster heartbeat: palpitations 2% (1%).
  • The burden of the nervous system and the senses: dizziness 2% (1%).
  • Loss of the lungs: tightness in the nose 4% (2%).
  • The burden of the intestines: diarrhea 3% (1%).

In summary, it can be cured that 98% of the test subjects have no adverse effects at all when taking Kamagra. Naturally, the original Kamagra 100mg produced by Ajantha Pharma was used in the study.

Still very important to know when you use or plan to use Kamagra.

If you intend to use Kamagra, it is our advice to first share this desire with your doctor. Using Kamagra without consultation always carries a risk for your health, it would be the same if you inject insulin without consulting a doctor because you feel a bit silly and think that this is good to improve your sugar level. That said, I would also like to point out the following 2 issues.

If you have used Kamagra and your erection persists after 5 hours or your erection persists while you are absolutely no longer excited or not sexually stimulated then we advise you to directly contact the doctor's office and submit your problem here. In this case, always tell me honestly how much Kamagra you have taken so that you can be helped in a proper way and any damage to the blood vessels in your penis can be prevented. Do not play a game with your health!

If you suffer from heart and/or vascular diseases and have used medicines containing nitrates, Kamagra is definitely not an option for you!

Kamagra side effects vary by treatment

Kamagra can be used for 2 types of treatment, namely pulmonary arterial hypertension (20 mg tablets) or erectile dysfunction (100 mg tablets). In addition to the positive effect, there is, therefore, a chance of side effects, which I will explain in more detail below for you.

The most important side effects:

Up to 3% of the Kamagra users

Pain in the head around the claps, red face (flushing) a Headache and so-called hot flushes. The drug Kamagra ensures dilation of the blood vessels, as well as the blood vessels in your head. When a higher dose is taken, the above symptoms will occur more often than with a lower dose. Reduce your dose if you experience side effects as unpleasant to see if they disappear.

Complaints to the gastrointestinal tract, in most cases this side effect will manifest itself in diarrhea and in most cases a disturbed digestion. The side effect mainly occurs in Kamagra use to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension or at very higher doses (+ 125mg) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This side effect can easily be remedied by stopping eating 2 hours before your Kamagra intake and allowing your meals to contain as little fat as possible.

Up to 1% of the Kamagra users

Eye complaints, Among this group of side effects of Kamagra we count things like blurred vision, double vision or a blue haze for the eyes which changes the perception of color perception. Issues such as hypersensitivity to light or loss of sight are matters that require immediate action and contact with your doctor. The loss of sight as a result of Kamagra use can be permanent. If you suffer from a deviation of your cornea in any form, you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor before using Kamagra. Again coming side effects mainly for when you use a high dose (+ 125mg) Kamagra.

Pain in the back and/or muscles. For treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, use Kamagra daily. In these cases, and especially when the dosage is high (+ 30mg) you will experience this side effect.

Dizziness, This tree when the blood pressure drops as a result of Kamagra use, your dose will stop the side effects.