We offer a full refund valid for 7 working days after you make your purchase. For any reason, if your order has not been received or it arrives damaged, we will issue a full refund or send you a replacement order without any extra charges. To be eligible for refunds all products must be unused and in the original undamaged packaging. Here are the conditions under which refunds will be accepted :

We utilize every single conceivable attempt for guaranteeing an opportune and right request conveyance, in any case we can’t be held subject if the deferral all together shipment or conveyance is outside our ability to control.

  • We should receive notification of your refund request within 24 hours from the time of receiving the order.
  • The products are returned to us with only one dose missing within 7 days of receiving the product.
  • If products supplied to the customer are a replacement product due to a shortage of stock, in that case, the customer can return the products and receive a refund with 1 or 2 tablets missing within a week from the day of receiving the product.

Once the items are returned we will inspect thoroughly and a full refund should be made within 7 working days. We will keep you updated via email regarding your refund request. We will not refund part orders as although the products are guaranteed to be genuine, they are not guaranteed to work for all customers. For this reason, we will not refund an order once some of the products have been used. Client feedback indicates successful results from over 95% of our clients. All refunds are subject to a discretionary return fee not exceeding £10 or 15€. This is because medicines cannot be restocked and must instead be destroyed.